Teacher's Guide

Recommended educational audiences:

  • Senior secondary classes
  • Post secondary classes
  • Pre and in service teachers
  • Pre and in service social workers

Curriculum content areas:

  • Music
  • Ethics
  • Spirituality and religious awakening
  • Sociology - family studies, intergenerational studies, integration of immigrants, relationship development, parenting, cultural expectations
  • Palliative care and related issues such as dealing with, preparing for and perceptions of death and dying,
  • Psychology - nature of creativity and talent, nature versus nurture, parenting, relationships
  • Education studies - teaching and learning processes
  • Media literacy
  • Career education

Content themes:

  • Teaching versus instructing
  • Legacy
  • Death and dying
  • Talent and creativity
  • Music and it's role in the human experience
  • Fate
  • Ethics

Teacher's Guide (pdf)